Blood Ties

Blood Ties by Brian McGilloway

The latest thriller in the Ben Devlin series from Brian McGilloway is well worth the long wait.

This book works well as a standalone thriller for readers who have not read any of the previous books featuring Inspector Ben Devlin of the Garda Siochana.

In this story, Devlin investigates the killing of a man, who recently completed a sentence for a crime which attracts little sympathy among the police and the general public. Devlin however is determined to identify the killer and finds himself coming up against a number of obstacles as he needs to revisit an investigation from two decades ago.

It's a complex mystery that deals with serious issues like justice for all the victims, vigilantes, child abuse and grief.

Alongside this the author explores the changing more relaxed cross border relationship between the Garda and PSNI, emotional, evolving family circumstances against the background of the Covid situation escalating as it did in early 2020.

Blood Ties is a great read and I would definitely recommend.

Submitted by Clare