Diary of a Somebody

Diary of a Somebody by Brian Bilston

Brian Bilston has decided to write a poem every day for a year while he tries to repair his ever-desperate life.

He's hopeless at his job, socially inept, useless at time and money management. But he writes quirky verses, using anything from great literature the day's puzzle corner in the paper as his catalyst.

His saving grace is the poetry club he belongs to, but even that is proving to be difficult to navigate as he clashes with poet extraordinaire Toby Salt.  Toby is on the up and up in the poetry world and has even achieved the holy grail of having his work published.  Toby is not only Brian’s nemesis in terms of poetry, he also has his eye on Liz, a woman who Brian has a growing affection for. But when Toby goes missing and Brian is firmly in the frame, he must think on his feet and deduce what has happened to Toby in order to clear his name.

Part fiction, part poetry, part diary, if you like wordplay, puns and funny poetry you’ll love this story.