Elevation by Stephen King

Just to set things straight from the outset, this is definitely NOT a horror novel and unlike most of his previous books is quite short (a mere 144 pages), more of a novella really.

The story centres around Scott Carey, who lives in Castle Rock, Maine (the setting for quite a few of King’s other novels such as Needful Things and The Dead Zone). Scott has a problem. He’s suffering from a mysterious illness that’s causing him to lose weight even though he doesn’t appear to be showing any physical effects. He still looks exactly the same.

The story also focuses on Scott’s running battle with his lesbian neighbours who are trying (and failing) to make a go of their restaurant in a town full of homophobic Trump supporters.

Doubtless some die-hard King fans will find this book a bit of a disappointment but I found the brevity and general feel-good nature of the ending a welcome breath of fresh air.

Submitted by Pete