Faithful by Alice Hoffman

Faithful is a raw, emotional novel bringing to light the struggle of one young girl and her self sabotage due to survivor guilt. The story of Shelby begins with a tragic accident. Her best friend suffers life changing injuries and Shelby has cuts and bruises. How is that fair? Shelby was driving, it was her fault, right?

A stay in a psychiatric hospital, drugs and the wrong men mean a hard punishment for Shelby. But she has a guardian angel looking out for her, whom she caught sight of, the night of the accident. Will this angel bring her back to life?

This is a beautiful story depicting the life of a young woman who is adamant she doesn't deserve to live a happy life. Well worth a read and can be borrowed from Libby. Alice Hoffman has written over 30 novels, one of which was turned into a movie. Practical Magic is my favourite but Faithful comes close.