Finding Harmony by Sally Hyder

Life was good for Sally and Andrew, hill walking and travelling the world while progressing in their chosen careers. Sally was at University when they met and while enjoying the stunning scenery of Mount Everest, Andrew produced an engagement ring and asked Sally to be his wife.

First home, pet dog, charity volunteers, both working hard; Sally a nurse, Andrew a surveyor, and then a devastating blow.

Sally pushed on and with courage and fortitude returned to work. Their family was complete when their third child was born. Then, another devastating blow.

Life seemed bleak but sometimes in your darkest hours a miracle happens, and this came in the shape of a beautiful golden Labrador named Harmony. Eventually hope and a zest for life returned to Sally and she realised that although their lives would never be the same again, life could once again be good.

This is a life story of wonderful highs and deepest lows, of perseverance and despair and of forging a life of love and fulfilment while facing myriad challenges. Life can be good again.

Submitted by Lesley