Goldilocks by Laura Lam

Earth has 30 habitable years left. Ravished by hurricanes, wildfires and pollution, mankind has only one hope of survival and that is to migrate to a distant planet called Cavendish, 10.5 light years from Earth. Politicians have forced women out of the workforce resulting in 5 female astronauts commandeering an interstellar spaceship, which they were instrumental in creating, 2 weeks before their male counterparts were due to boldly go, where nobody has been before. The clock is now ticking for the women to reach Cavendish and set up their vision for the new world before the men catch up with them.

Goldilocks at its heart is about realising that we have a world out there that is worth saving. It makes you contemplate what we could be doing better on Earth and just how fragile our existence is. The book has some strong female characters in it who will sacrifice anything to make their dream of getting into space and their vision for mankind’s future, a reality.

Now, you may not be a fan of science fiction like I am but this genre I feel has come in to its own this year. If you’ve ever read Thea Lim’s An Ocean of Minutes or Katie Khan’s Hold Back the Stars you will enjoy this. I certainly did. There are some very relatable themes in this book and when you finish it, realise it was written pre-pandemic, you’ll find it surreal how quickly science fiction can sometimes become science fact.

Submitted by Danielle