Home Stretch by Graham Norton

The story begins in 1987 in a small rural town in Cork, Ireland. A tragic car crash occurs one evening leaving three of the six young people dead, including a couple who were to be married the next day. The driver, Connor, survives unscathed physically but it has a devastating effect on him. Unable to cope with the feelings of guilt and grief he leaves Ireland and his family behind.

We follow the effects that tragic day has on Connor, his sister Ellen, the wider family and how the community deals with the fallout, the lies, secrets and regrets.  Spanning many years we also read of the change in Ireland, how it becomes more tolerant and progressive.

Connor, now living in New York, has a chance encounter in a bar with Finbarr who turns out to be his nephew and he finally has the chance to reconnect with his family. I really enjoyed this novel, it is easy to identify with the description of Ireland and family life. A thought provoking read. Thoroughly enjoyed it.  Available through our Book and Collect service.

Submitted by Debbie