I Looked Away

I Looked Away by Jane Corry

Upon lifting this book you can see that it’s quite lengthy and the crime seems to have been committed in the first few pages as Ellie is clearly in jail. But this is deceiving and for me I never once reflected on how long the book was or wondered how they were going to stretch the story out. It just never stops, its endless drama and character led.

There are two women we know of, Ellie who we know is in prison and beforehand she was last seen panicking as her young grandson Josh had disappeared from the garden whilst Ellie was looking after him. So is she in prison for what has happened to Josh? But their saying it wasn’t an accident and there is more to the story, so what is the story?  Then there is Jo who is homeless and drifting from place to place and meeting people along the way. She is always looking over her shoulder and doesn’t like it when anyone says she looks familiar. What is her story?  Then there is another woman who we get titbits of her life, we don’t know who she is. Could she be either Ellie or Jo in a previous time?

The story goes back and forth as Ellie reflects on her childhood and to a traumatic event that has shaped her whole life and as we discover, the reason behind everything that is now happening. These parts of Ellie’s childhood I enjoyed the most, it was a horrible childhood she suffered after her mum died and her father remarried. Her whole life was pretty horrible in fact. Harrowing yes, but I flew through the pages as it’s only nearer the end we find out what really happened to Ellie’s little brother Michael.

There are several twists in the tale and as the story developed, I had started to question certain things and people. A lot of excellent characters and a truly captivating read. Very enjoyable.

Submitted by Stephanie