Little Disasters by Sarah Vaughan

Little Disasters by Sarah Vaughan tells the story of Jess, an affluent stay at home mum, Liz, a paediatric doctor and mother of two, high flying Charlotte and recently divorced Mel. The story centres on Jess and Liz who have been close friends since having children at the same time and sharing the usual experiences. As all their lives get busier they inevitably don't meet and talk as often as they once had.

The story begins when Liz is called to the A&E department to assess a baby with a head injury. Liz is horrified to discover that the mother is Jess and the baby her daughter, Betsy. Liz examines the child and follows protocol by asking about the circumstances of the injury. Liz is very reluctant to believe her friend is capable of harming her child but nevertheless Jess's responses are evasive and her explanation doesn't tally with the injury. Social services and the police become involved and an investigation follows.

As the story progresses we learn Jess and Liz's lives as they grew up, allowing us to understand where they are now. 

I enjoyed this book because it combined a family story and an ethical issue with just the right amount of tension, suspense and emotion to keep me interested to the very end. The characters were real and likeable and it was easy to relate to the frustrations and doubts expressed: Am I a good parent? Did I do the right thing? How should I have dealt with that?

Submitted by Mildred