Love Songs For Sceptics by Christina Pishiris

Zoë Frixos is 34 years old, the daughter of very, Greek parents and the editor of music magazine, Re:Sound based in London. For her whole life she’s been obsessed with two people; Marcie Taylor her musical idol and Simon Baxter her childhood best friend, first kiss and the boy next door, who sadly was torn away from Zoë when his parents divorced and he moved with his mother back to America.

Re:Sound has fallen on hard times with their new owner company pushing up sales targets and there’s talk of having to let staff go. Zoë reluctantly agrees to feature bands she wouldn’t normally feature in the magazine, in an effort to boost sales. Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan and she meets the nastier side of frontman of popular boy band, Hands Down and his obnoxious but very, good looking publicist, Nick Jones who has also just recently been given the gig of Marcie Taylor’s publicist.

Zoë comes up with a master plan of being granted the first interview in a decade with the reclusive, Marcie in order to save the magazine but she’ll have to find a way to deal with Nick and Hands Down to get it. Meanwhile, Simon who is newly single arrives in London ready to stir up all of the feelings from the crush she could hasn’t really ever gotten over.

This was a great read. It’s light and fun for anyone who might want an escape from the present. The title of each chapter is a different but very fitting love song. I also loved that Zoë it turns out isn’t a sceptic but really the product of happily, married parents, who she adores and because of her relationship with them, hasn’t really felt the need or pressure to partner up. She’s just a woman comfortable in her own skin, focussing on her career and taking her time to find love.

Submitted by Danielle