Shadow Sands by Robert Bryndza

A  man’s body is found by private investigator and ex cop Kate Marshall when she is scuba diving with her son in a local reservoir. When she discovers that the dead man was an award winning swimmer and that there had been previous ‘incidents’ relating to the privately owned reservoir she begins to suspect there is more to this than a simple drowning. A local female academic also goes missing not long after and Kate is soon drawn into an investigation which uncovers a tangle of mysterious kidnappings and disappearances.

A flawed but sympathetic character, Kate Marshall is one to watch as she battles family problems alongside an alcohol addiction that threatens to torpedo her life time and again. I found myself rooting for her as she struggles to maintain an equilibrium whilst investigating what becomes a dark and dangerous affair.

The 2nd in the Kate Marshall series this can also be read as a stand alone. Intriguing and enjoyable, I found this a satisfying escape from the real world!

Submitted by Jillian