The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy

This book was recommended to me by a friend who thought I could benefit from looking at life from a different prospective. She read a quote from the book to me, “‘Is your glass half empty or half full?’ asked the mole. ‘I think I’m grateful to have a glass.’ Said the boy. So immediately my interest grew and I knew I had to read more. And actually you can literally read this book in 10 -15 minutes, but you will go back and re-read excerpts from it or mull over the illustrations. By opening a page at random, your mind is transported to thinking in an improved way.

For example, I’ve just read, “Most of the old moles I know wish they had listened less to their fears and more to their dreams.” And so you see this book is uplifting, random and life affirming.

The author, Charlie Macksey says it’s a book primarily about friendship. I feel it’s also about, (i) Soul searching: the boy who is constantly asking questions and wanting to get ‘home;’ (ii) Trauma: the silent, often scary fox, who has been hurt by life; (iii) gentleness and kindness, the horse with patience and a hidden gift and (iv) Finally the mole, who loves eating cake!

On reading the title, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse I wrongly assumed that this was a children’s book. But as the author explains, “This book is for everyone, whether you are eighty or eight – I feel like I’m both sometimes.” In these uncertain times when we just need a new perspective on life I feel this book is mindfulness at its best. I award 8/10.

Submitted by Mary