The Doll House

The Doll House by Phoebe Morgan

I really enjoyed this book. I was engrossed in the story right from the start. An easy book to read, it swept me up taking me nicely through a well-paced story with many twists and turns. Just when I thought I knew what would happen next, I found I was wrong. The story is based around two sisters, Corinne and Ashley. The book has a different perspective for each chapter - mainly Corinne and Ashley - however, Corinne''s boyfriend, Dominic, tells part of the story from his perspective too. There is also another, anonymous, character telling a story from the past. Hints are dropped here and there to make their relationship to the sisters clearer. Corinne and Ashley start to notice weird, sinister things going on in their lives. In Corinne's case, Dominic doesn't seem to believe that anything is amiss until much later in the book when the situation has become much worse.Corinne comes across as a fragile character whose self-esteem has been impacted by the stresses of failed IVF. This has put a strain on the relationship between Corinne and Dominic. I found myself wanting to give Dominic a shake when he didn't see what was going on right under his nose and his lack of common sense. Ashley is a busy mother, trying to a run the household and take care of three kids at very different stages. She is frustrated by her husband's lack of support and instead spending more and more time at work?

There is some predictability in the story, but it didn't in any way stop me wanting to read on. A gripping psychological thriller with a twist you won't see coming.

Submitted by Kathy