The Hiding Game

The Hiding Game by Louise Phillips

Heather Baxter has avoided her hometown for many years, preferring to work in Boston where she can push away memories of her mother's death and the mysteries surrounding it. Now she returns, to act as defence lawyer for a young woman, Abby Jones, accused of causing the death of a baby in her care. As past and present collide Heather is forced to relive and re-examine all that she wanted to forget and discovers that both cases may be interlinked, and that justice for all may not be the wish of all. When secrets are well hidden, some people will do anything to keep things that way! The location is a departure for Phillips, who set her Dr Kate Pearson series of books in Ireland, but her skill for taking fairly straightforward scenarios and imbuing them with gut-clenching jeopardy has crossed the pond too, especially in the claustrophobic setting of small town America. This is courtroom drama and psychological thriller, both of which are executed extremely well.

And of course Phillips knows how to put the reader through the emotional wringer, driving home the tragic impact of infant death, and the legacy for generations to come.

Submitted by Lorna