The Puppet Show

The Puppet Show by M.W. Craven

A serial killer who is burning seemingly unconnected men alive in the Lake District area is at large. The police are at a loss and they enlist the help of Detective Washington Poe, who is currently on suspension and has no interest in returning to help. However when one of the bodies is found with his name carved in the victim’s chest the interest is too much for Poe and he returns to investigate. He is quickly drawn to working alongside new recruit Tilly and they become firm friends. This is an unlikely pairing but makes for interesting and funny reading as Tilly says things how they are regardless of who she is speaking too. The duo work together, piecing together clues and finding out new information that at times is very close to home. Whilst Poe comes across as a headstrong and determined there are glimpses of his softer side throughout the book. The twists and turns that bring us to the conclusion had me guessing right to the end. The book flows very well and has short chapters. Highly recommended and looking forward to reading the next one.

Submitted by Sharon