The Raptures

The Raptures by Jan Carson

Jan Carson’s The Raptures is based in 1973 in a fictional Co Antrim village (Ballylack) close to Ballymena where she grew up. The close-knit community is rocked as a number of children take seriously ill as a result of a mysterious illness. Hannah is the only one from her class who does not succumb. Is it the family’s religious faith that is protecting her? There are echoes of ghostly appearances, superstitions and supernatural undertones that surrounds the mystery that makes this a riveting read, especially in the aftermath of our own recent pandemic.

Bursting with Carson's trademark wit, profound empathy and soaring imagination, The Raptures explores how tragedy can unite a small community - and tear it apart. At its heart is the extraordinary resilience of one young girl. As the world crumbles around her, she must find the courage to be different in a place where conforming feels like the only option available.