The Serial Killer's Daughter

The Serial Killer's Daughter by Alice Hunter

I enjoyed this book and having read The Serial Killer’s wife and loved it, I had high expectations for this one. Overall it did not disappoint, it was quick and easy to read, and I was immersed from the first pages. I was eager to know who was framing Jenny and the way the story was unfolding, it literally could have been anyone and everyone.

I did not like the gaslighting and that is what put me off giving it full stars. I know it added to the mystery of the plot and the whole thing, but as a reader you know that she is not doing these things, or perhaps a tiny part of you thinks she might actually be!  But it is obvious that someone is manipulating her, and I really disliked it as it was dragged out for most of the book.

Maybe for this reason or other I just didn’t love it as much as the previous book in the Serial Killer Family. It was still enjoyable, and I look forward to reading The Serial Killer’s Sister next.

Submitted by Steph