The Sisters of Auschwitz

The Sisters of Auschwitz by Roxane Van Iperen

Dirk Witte, a Dutch musician, commissioned a home in 1920 to be built in a beautiful area of Naarden. At that time, he could not have envisaged how important this house would become to the Jewish families who sheltered there during World War 2.

This book details the story of the Jewish Brilleslijper family, who have to go into hiding from their home in Amsterdam and follows the journey of  the sisters, Rebekka known as Lien and Marianne known as Janny.

Although extremely harrowing in places, depicting the brutality and hardships suffered by the Jewish prisoners in the camps, it highlights the strength of human resilience and the desire for good to overcome evil.

Thursday 27 January was Holocaust Memorial Day and throughout the account, the countless acts of decency shown by strangers to those in impossible situations, regardless of creed or race give a glimmer of hope for society in the future.

Submitted by Denise