The Therapist

The Therapist by B A Paris

Absolutely fantastic book that I couldn’t recommend highly enough, and I have yet to read a B.A.Paris book that I haven’t loved.

Alice and Leo haven’t been together properly for long, living a long-distance relationship, when they move in together to the housing development known as The Circle. Alice finds out that a young woman called Nina was murdered in their very house and Leo knew about it. This starts the unravelling of their relationship and Alice’s trust in Leo and it also starts this obsession to discover who really killed Nina, as she doesn’t believe it was her husband, even though she never knew him. Alice’s obsession comes about as her late sister was also called Nina, so she has a weird fixation on any female with the same name. It is rather far-fetched, especially with how far she goes in her obsession. But as we later discover at the end, Alice has some residual guilt that she has lived with for over twenty years and that annoys me, because why mention that in the plot but then don’t follow it up with details. Alice would only have been 16 when it happened, it doesn’t really make sense!

So, Alice starts to suspect everyone of murdering Nina and when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE! She finds out some truths about Leo along the way that she can’t forgive and turns into quite a hateful person in my opinion. As the book developed, I disliked her more and more, she’s really self-centred and just very unlikeable.

It was quite exciting finding out who killed Nina, as for once I never guessed and it wasn’t someone I expected, and the backstory was very interesting. All in all, an excellent, exciting read. Plenty of surprises and twists. Look forward to more by this author.

Submitted by Stephanie