Wrong Place Wrong Time

Wrong Place Wrong Time by Gillian MacAllister

Took me to stop and properly sit down and invest time into reading this book before I started to get into it. Up till then it wasn’t really exciting me or making me want to keep reading. But I sat down properly yesterday evening and I finished it this afternoon. It's exciting and fast paced and extremely easy to get immersed in and not want to put it down then. 

Jen witnesses her eighteen-year-old son Todd, stab a strange man one night and the next morning begins her journey back further and further in time IS she meant to stop this from happening in the future or is she being given a second chance to see things she never noticed the first time around. Lots of secrets and surprises are unearthed as Jen travels back and many shocking things are uncovered. 

A fantastic plot and conclusion. However, I had already figured it all out myself. I was amazed at how much I actually got right, even the most bizarre things. But then I have always had an overactive imagination. 

Submitted by Stephanie