You Never Said Goodbye

You Never Said Goodbye by Luca Veste

Sam is called to his estranged father's deathbed who  confesses something shocking to do with the death of Sam's mother- could she really  still be alive after all this time? The possibility is terrifying and Sam embarks on a series of events that will eventually blow everyone he ever believed out of the water. Moving from the UK to the States in search of her Sam is aware that he is not alone and someone else is also on the trail to find the truth, someone who will stop at nothing.  The mix of fast paced narrative running along with the emotional toll that Sam faces with the knowledge that his mother may have been alive all these years without contacting him, adds a sensitive undertow to the story and we feel for him as the search picks up momentum.

A high paced and gripping thriller with an emotional pull - hard to put down and one you will definitely want to finish.

Submitted by Jillian