Shelf Help - Confidence and Self Esteem

Shelf Help - Confidence and Self Esteem

The Self Esteem Habit For Teens By Lisa M. Schab

The Self-Esteem Habit for Teens by Lisa M. Schab

When it comes to cultivating positive self-esteem, the teen years are the most challenging. You're p... Read more Borrow book
Banish your self-esteem thief by Kate Collins-Donnelly

Banish Your Self-Esteem Thief by Kate Collins-Donnelly

Build confidence and self-esteem with this fun and effective workbook for young people. Packed with ... Read more Borrow book
Self-esteem and being you by Anita Nails

Self esteem and being you by Lisa M. Schab

Are you scared to take risks in case you make a fool of yourself? Do you need other people's approva... Read more Borrow book
Face by Benjamin Zephaniah

Face by Benjamin Zephaniah

Martin is the cool, funny, undisputed leader of his Gang of Three. Until a tragic accident shows him... Read more Borrow book