Below the Big Blue Sky by Anna McPartlin

This book follows an Irish family, grief stricken at the death of a loved family member (Rabbit) who was taken by cancer. Each family member has their own way of processing the death, as well as going through the process as a whole family.

I felt like a fly on a wall reading this book, being a part of the warm and funny Hayes family, going through their ups and downs of dealing with the death of Rabbit. I was surprised to find myself laughing at some points, the humour of the family adds a light edge which keeps the book from becoming too heavy hearted with such a loaded topic.

I really enjoyed the mum (Maisie), her strength, courage and dark sense of humour held the family together and got them all through the more difficult times, including myself.

This is the sequel to the book The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes. I would recommend reading that first, as the narrative would make more sense. 5 stars - I highly recommend this book!