Teenage book of the month

Teenage book of the month

Wink by Rob Harrell

Wink by Rob Harrell

A hilarious and heartwrenching story about surviving middle school--and an unthinkable diagnosis--wh... Read more Borrow book
It's Ok Not To Be Ok A Guide To Wellbeing By Tina Rae

It's OK not to be OK by Tina Rae

It's OK not to be OK acknowledges and explores common mental health disorders such as depression, ea... Read more Borrow book
Cryptography Cracking Codes By Rob Curley

Cryptography Cracking Codes by Rob Curley

While cracking a code might seem like something few of us would encounter in our daily lives, it is ... Read more Borrow book
Ali Cross By James Patterson

Ali Cross by James Patterson

Alex's son Ali is eager to follow in his father's footsteps as a detective, but when his best friend... Read more Borrow book
Nadiya's Bake Me A Festive Story

A challenge for you: Get cooking for Christmas!

Why not treat some of the younger (and not so young!) people in your family to the festive treats th... Read more Borrow book
You Are A Champion How To Be The Best You Can Be By Marcus Rashford

You are a champion: how to be the best you can be

Marcus was a Manchester United and England footballer, and long before he started his inspiring camp... Read more Borrow book
Six Hours By Pete Johnson

Six Hours by Pete Johnson

A normally studious teenager is persuaded by a fellow pupil to skip school for the afternoon. Domini... Read more Borrow book
Red Alert! 15 Endangered Animals Fighting To Survive By Catherine Barr

Red Alert: 15 endangered animals fighting to survive by Catherine Barr

15 Endangered species in six different habitats need your help to survive! Pick a place. Choose a cr... Read more Borrow book
Be Plastic Clever By Amy Meek

Be Plastic Clever by Amy and Ella Meek

Join teenage activists Amy and Ella Meek on their mission to rid the world of single-use plastics in... Read more Borrow book