Books that can help your toddler/young child to understand the world around them and more!

Books that can help your toddler/young child to understand the world around them and more!

New situations, general childhood experiences, feelings and strong emotions may be confusing, unsettling and even frightening for young children. Books, especially stories can help children to realise what they are experiencing is normal.

By sharing a story with your child and talking about it, you will be able to explore intimidating concepts in a reassuring and loving way.

This is a collection of books dealing with many situations. All these books can help to support children.

A Book Of Feelings Starring Sam, Kate And Fuzzy Bean By Amanda McCardie

A Book of Feelings by Amanda McCardie

In this story about a brother and sister and their parents, this book works to explain the different... Read more Borrow book
The Garden Of Hope By Isabel Otter

The Garden of Hope by Isabel Otter and Katie Rewse

A little girl is helped to overcome grief when she transforms her overgrown garden into a place of b... Read more Borrow book
First Day At Bug School By Sam Lloyd

First Day at Bug School by Sam Lloyd

Welcome to Bug School! Don't be nervous on your first day - it's lots of fun. Learn creeping with th... Read more Borrow book
Rex's Specs By Jack Hughes

Rex's Specs by Jack Hughes

Rex has to wear glasses, but sometimes he wishes he didn't have to. So one day, he decides to go out... Read more Borrow book
Being Safe On A Bike By Honor Head

Being Safe on a Bike

A simple introduction for younger children on how to stay safe and have fun on a bicycle, from weari... Read more Borrow book
Having A Disability By Louise Spilsbury

Having a Disability by Louise Spilsbury

An inclusive and accessible picture book for children that explores what it is like to have a disabi... Read more Borrow book
Little Robin Red Vest

‘Little Robin’s Christmas’ also published as ‘Little Robin Red Vest’ by Jan Fearnley

It's a week before Christmas, and Little Robin has a nice, warm vest for each frosty day but when th... Read more Borrow book
The Owl Who Was Of The Dark By Jill Tomlinson

The Owl who was of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson

Plop, the baby barn owl, is like every barn owl there ever was, except for one thing - he is afraid ... Read more Borrow book
Worry Angels By Sita Brahmachari

Worry Angels by Sita Brahmachari

A girl with anxiety issues makes friends with a new girl from Syria who starts at her school. ... An... Read more Borrow book