Books that can help your toddler/young child to understand the world around them and more!

Books that can help your toddler/young child to understand the world around them and more!

New situations, general childhood experiences, feelings and strong emotions may be confusing, unsettling and even frightening for young children. Books, especially stories can help children to realise what they are experiencing is normal.

By sharing a story with your child and talking about it, you will be able to explore intimidating concepts in a reassuring and loving way.

This is a collection of books dealing with many situations. All these books can help to support children.

The Sea Book by Charlotte Milner

The Sea Book by Charlotte Milner

This is a celebration of the sea and shows children how magnificent our oceans are and encourages us... Read more Borrow book
Lift The Flap Questions And Answers About Nature By Katie Daynes

Lift the flap questions and answers about nature by Katie Daynes

Exploring all kinds of questions that young children ask about the world around them. Find out where... Read more Borrow book
Peppa Loves Our Planet

Peppa loves our Planet by Lauren Holowaty

Peppa and George recycle, grow their own vegetables, turn off the taps when they are brushing their ... Read more Borrow book
I'll Love You Always By Mark Sperring

I'll Love You Always by Mark Sperring

How long will I love you?A second is too short. A second is no time for a love of this sort. A minut... Read more Borrow book
How Are You Feeling Today By Molly Potter

How are you feeling Today? by Molly Potter

Children have strong feeling and they can't always handle them very well. Perfect for sharing, How A... Read more Borrow book
The Magic Moment By Niall Breslin

The Magic Moment by Niall Breslin

This picture book helps children explore difficult emotions and face their fears. Freddie is excited... Read more Borrow book
Being Safe Out And About

Being Safe Out and About by Honor Head

This book looks at some of the potential dangers for children as they begin to go out and about more... Read more Borrow book
Families, Families, Families by Suzanne Lang and Max Lang

Families, Families, Families by Suzanne and Max Lang

Do you have two dads? Or one step mum? Or what about the world's biggest grandpa? Discover a whole h... Read more Borrow book