Omagh Library

Omagh Library

The main Cultural Heritage collection for County Tyrone is located in Omagh Library. This includes a run of the County Tyrone Directory and Almanac from 1882-1905 as well as the County Tyrone valuation records from 1920-1930 and from 1934-1935.

The Alice Milligan collection includes papers which are the result of research carried out by Dr. Catherine Morris in the production of her book entitled “Alice Milligan and the Irish Cultural Revival”. Alice Milligan, born in Gortmore near Omagh, was a prolific writer of plays, novels and poetry for over sixty years and edited several journals which promoted Irish culture.

The Omagh Bomb Archive includes over 13,000 newspaper articles, 30,000 emails, 840 books of condolences and approximately 2,000 sympathy cards amongst other material collected to mark the Omagh bomb tragedy which took place in August 1998.

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