Full Series of Give it a Go: Line Drawing Classes available Online Now

Full Series of Give it a Go: Line Drawing Classes available Online Now
Published 16 May 2024

A monochrome photo of pencilsTo celebrate National Line Drawing Day today, all episodes of the recent series of live online Give it a Go: Line Drawing - A Favourite Object sessions with local illustrator Kerrie McNeill, are now available for everyone to complete at their leisure on the Libraries NI website. 

Facilitated by talented local illustrator Kerrie McNeill, also known as Kerrie Illustrates, these free online sessions provide a wonderful opportunity for participants to develop their drawing skills through the engaging theme of drawing their favourite objects.

illustrator Kerrie McNeill

The series consists of five comprehensive sessions, each designed to build upon the previous one, ensuring participants of all skill levels can learn and progress. The sessions cover a range of techniques and topics to enhance drawing abilities, from basic line drawing to advanced shading and texture techniques.

Session Overview:

  1. Introduction to Line Drawing: A Favourite Object – Participants are introduced to the basics of line drawing and explore how different artists use this technique. The session includes a fun introductory activity.
  2. Using Shapes to Guide Your Drawing – This session focuses on the importance of shapes as guides in drawing, featuring examples and short drawing activities to practice the techniques discussed.
  3. Fundamentals of Shading – Attendees learn about shading through three key values—light, medium, and dark. The session includes demonstrations and practical activities to apply shading techniques.
  4. Edges and Lines – Techniques surrounding edges and lines are explored, including different types of edges and line types, with demonstrations and activities to help participants grasp these concepts.
  5. Finishing Touches – The final session delves into drawing textures and mark-making techniques such as hatching, cross-hatching, stippling, and scribbling to add depth and dimension to drawings.

Kerrie McNeill, who has extensive experience in various artistic projects, including book illustrations, product packaging, and murals, brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to these sessions, making them an invaluable resource for both beginners and seasoned artists.

All sessions are now available for free on the Libraries NI website. Participants can complete them at their own pace, ensuring a flexible and accessible learning experience.

To access the sessions, please visit Libraries NI Give it a Go Line Drawing.