Recommended reads

Recommended reads

If you loved your last book, but aren’t sure what to read next, let us help you decide. 

The Puffin Book Of Christmas Stories

The Puffin book of Christmas Stories by Wendy Cooling

Christmas is coming! A delightful collection of stories for Yuletide by some of the finest writers f... Read more Borrow book
A Donkey Called Mistletoe By Helen Peters

A Donkey called Mistletoe by Helen Peters

When Jasmine learns that Mr Hobson has grown too old to take care of his pet donkey, Mistletoe, she ... Read more Borrow book
Donkeys By Michelle M. Hasselius

Donkeys by Michelle M. Hasselius

Donkeys are at home on a farm. They can pull heavy loads and even guard other animals. Find out all ... Read more Borrow book
How Winston Delivered Christmas By Alex T Smith

How Winston Delivered Christmas by Alex T Smith

The irresistible story of the brave little mouse who sets out on an adventure on Christmas Eve. Read more Borrow book
The History Of Christmas By Helen Cox Cannons

The History of Christmas by Helen Cox Cannons

This book answers all the questions that you want to know about Christmas and the traditions that we... Read more Borrow book
Lucy's Magical Surprise By Anne Booth

Lucy’s Magical Surprise by Anne Booth

Lucy is staying on her best friend's farm at Christmas. When a baby donkey is born early, Lucy calls... Read more Borrow book
Christmas Jokes By Jane Eccles

Christmas Jokes by Jane Eccles

A cracking Christmas joke book! Yule laugh your-elf silly! Why did the turkey join the band? Because... Read more Borrow book
I Can Make Starry Things For Christmas By Jocelyn Miller

I Can Make Starry Things for Christmas by Jocelyn Miller

This book has loads of ideas for how to use the long-time favourite star image to make decorations, ... Read more Borrow book
Horrid Henry's Christmas Presents

Horrid Henry's Christmas presents by Francesca Simon

Christmas giving Horrid Henry style!  Horrid Henry tries to find a way to spend as little as possibl... Read more Borrow book