Recommended reads

Recommended reads

If you loved your last book, but aren’t sure what to read next, let us help you decide. 

Johnny Ball Accidental Football Genius By Matt Oldfield

Johnny Ball : accidental football genius by Matt Oldfield

Find out about the football mad juniors – especially football loving 9 year old Johnny Ball who beco... Read more Borrow book
The Slime Book By Dorling Kindersley

The Slime Book

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The Boy Who Crashed To Earth By Judd Winick

Hilo The Boy Who Crashed To Earth by Judd Winick

Two children meet an alien robot boy who has fallen to Earth. Read more Borrow book
100 Things To Know About Science By Alex Frith

100 things to know about science by Alex Frith

Bite-sized facts and information about the main sections of science with lots of infographic-style i... Read more Borrow book
The Wrong Side Of The Galaxy By Jamie Thomson

The Wrong Side of the Galaxy by Jamie Thomson

A boy finds himself kidnapped by aliens and then unwittingly becomes the captain of a space ship. Read more Borrow book
100 Inventions That Made History Brilliant Breakthroughs That Shaped Our World By Tracey Turner

100 inventions that made history: brilliant breakthroughs that shaped our world by Clive Gifford, Tracey Turner and Andrea Mills

Looking at the stories behind some of the greatest inventions that have shaped our world throughout ... Read more Borrow book
The Everything Machine by Ally Kennen

The Everything Machine by Ally Kennen

A boy finds himself in possession of a 3D printer which will make anything he asks it to. Read more Borrow book
Robot Meet The Machines Of The Future By Laura Buller

Robot: meet the machines of the future by Clive Gifford, Laura Buller and Andrea Mills

Rammed with tech, clear explanations, diagrams and up-to-the-minute examples, this magnificent book ... Read more Borrow book
Rover Saves Christmas

Rover Saves Christmas by Roddy Doyle

It's Christmas eve and Rudolph's got the flu! Jimmy and Robbie Mack are so desperate for Christmas t... Read more Borrow book