Recommended reads

Recommended reads

If you loved your last book, but aren’t sure what to read next, let us help you decide. 

Real Life Mysteries Can You Explain The Unexplained By Susan Martineau

Real-life mysteries: can you explain the unexplained? by Susan Martineau

If you liked reading our mystery novel this week, why not try solving some real crime?!   This book ... Read more Borrow book
The Butterfly Circus By Francesca Armour-Chelu

The Butterfly Circus by Francesca Armour-Chelu

In this exciting story with relatable characters is a message about finding inner strength in advers... Read more Borrow book
Mad About Gymnastics By Judith Heneghan

Gymnastics by Judith Heneghan

If you want to work in a circus you have to be really fit! This book looks at the sport of gymnastic... Read more Borrow book
Einstein The Penguin By Iona Rangeley

Einstein the penguin by Iona Rangeley

When a penguin called Einstein turns up at the Stewarts' door, he immediately becomes friends with t... Read more Borrow book
Science Is Magic By Steve Mould

Science is magic by Steve Mould

There are no penguins in this book but there is a fabulous collection of magic tricks that have scie... Read more Borrow book
The Train To Impossible Places A Cursed Delivery By P.G. Bell

The train to impossible places : a cursed delivery by P.G. Bell

This magical page-turning adventure is rammed with natty characters, dastardly baddies, stalwart fri... Read more Borrow book
Vehicles A Book Of Extraordinary Facts By Jacqueline Mccann

Vehicles a book of extraordinary facts by Jacqueline McCann

Travel by magical vehicles is not usual for most of us but this interesting book packed full of bite... Read more Borrow book
The Time Travelling Sandwich Bites Back By Matt Brown

The time-travelling sandwich bites back by Matt Brown

Join Compton in this silly, Laugh out loud story where he has to save the time-travelling sandwich w... Read more Borrow book
Up In The Air Read All About The Nasty Bits By Terry Deary

Up in the air - Horrible histories by Terry Deary

A humorous and informative look at the history of aviation from the ancient world to the Second Worl... Read more Borrow book