Books on Anxiety

Books on Anxiety

Overcoming Anger and Irritability: A Self-Help guide using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques by William Davies

Overcoming Anger and Irritability

A Books on Prescription Title Take control of your anger and improve your quality of life Constant i... Read more Borrow book
We're All Mad Here: The No-nonsense guide to living with social anxiety by Claire Eastham

We're All Mad Here

Anxiety is a crafty shapeshifter that can take on many forms: the tiger that sinks its claws in with... Read more Borrow book
Bullies, Cyberbullies and Frenemies (Teen Life Confidential)
by Michele Elliott

Bullies, Cyberbullies and Frenemies

Friendships and peer relationships are one of the most difficult things about being a teen. Many fac... Read more Borrow book
Overcoming Phobias: A Practical Guide

Overcoming Phobias

Whether you suffer from panic attacks or feelings of crippling dread, Introducing Overcoming Phobias... Read more Borrow book
Post Traumatic Stress: Recovery after accident and disaster by Prof Kevin Gournay

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

A traumatic event can turn your world upside down - but there is a way out. Once thought to be a rar... Read more Borrow book
Anxiety: A self-help guide to feeling better by Wendy Green


In this easy-to-follow book, Wendy Green explains how psychological, genetic and dietary factors can... Read more Borrow book
Beating Anxiety by Davide Hartman

Beating Anxiety

Many young people on the autism spectrum struggle with anxiety, but did you know there are lots of s... Read more Borrow book
Overcoming Traumatic Stress: A self-help guide using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques by Claudia Herbert and Ann Wetmore

Overcoming Traumatic Stress

HIGHLY COMMENDED for the British Medical Awards book prize for Popular Medicine Practical help for m... Read more Borrow book
Fighting Invisible Tigers: Stress Management for Teens by Earl Hipp

Fighting Invisible Tigers

Stress is something we all experience. But research suggests that adolescents are affected by it in ... Read more Borrow book